Inspiration Comes From The Most Unexpected Sources...

Sven Playing Guitar

Sven was born December 1, 1993 to Kari and Lars Godwin at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. We called him an ‘Old Soul’ as he seemed to understand the troubles of the world greater than most people his age. He enjoyed playing piano, guitar and singing Johnny Cash songs as well as writing his own music. Perhaps it was because he could relate to the sadness and feeling of hopelessness Johnny endured. Sven hated how depression plagued his mind. Like many, he used alcohol and drugs with the hopes it would take the pain away, instead it left him with an active addiction and exacerbated the symptoms of his mental illness.

Sven always carried a blue tote where he walked, he needed a clean pair of socks, and hygiene items. Our hope was that our son, Sven, would find the right medication and attend therapy and support groups consistently. We hoped one day, eventually, he could tell his story to let others know there is hope and you can overcome addiction and manage your mental health. Sven died February 19, 2020 of an alcohol overdose. After he passed, I learned from others how he shared hope through music with others in the shelters, at behavioral health hospitals and at treatment centers. As a parent, it is not how I envisioned Sven spreading Christ's love to others. In the end, it taught us that we must extend hope to the lost and lonely in places we might never imagine.

Kari and Darin Palmer

Kari and Darin Palmer founded Journey of Hope in September 2020 in memory of their son, Sven.

They understand first-hand the many challenges in navigating the system to help a loved one receive the care they deserve. They want to inspire communities to join in the conversation about how we can offer real, tangible hope in our community.

As we develop awareness and grow our compassion, we can ignite this hope in each other and spark change.

In addition to facilitating dialogue, Kari and Darin engage individuals and groups to interact with and give to their communities. They have developed a program to fill and give away Journey of Hope drawstring bags with hygiene items, socks and words of inspiration to give to agencies or churches supporting individuals reintegrating from behavioral health hospitals, incarceration, or experiencing homelessness.

Our Vision: Journey of Hope's vision is a world in which all communities can offer real, tangible hope for individuals and families reintegrating.

Our Mission: Journey of Hope’s mission is to inspire community engagement to spread hope to others reintegrating; offer support services to individuals and families; support and partner with local nonprofits that provide mental health, addiction, and reintegration services.