Delivery to juvenile detention centers

I wanted to give you an update, we are out delivering bags to Lutheran Social Services, Arise Program and Minnehaha County Juvenile Detention Center. These bags will be given to the youth being discharged from these facilities. The bags are filled with hygiene items, a new pair of socks, snacks, and words of inspiration. Most importantly, we want these youth to know they are not alone on this journey.

You see I never thought I would be going back to these places, these places were places my children were sent to because of their mental health disorders and unfortunately, there are not enough mental health resources in our communities, and often times people are placed in jails. It is unfair, it is unjust, but this is what we have, so we need to continue to advocate for services for our loved ones. I am so grateful for agencies that do care for the youth and do provide support for them. At least, Journey of Hope can provide support when they walk out that door and giving them these basic needs will at least get them started on their journey and to let them know they are loved.

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Kari Palmer

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