Delivery to The Link

Today, we delivered 60 new starter kits to The Link. The Link in Sioux Falls, SD is a community triage center created to be a safe place for people experiencing a non-violent behavioral health crisis or needing care for substance abuse disorders. They provide medically monitored withdrawal management, observation for intoxicated individuals, and crisis stabilization.

I think how amazing it is to have something like this in Sioux Falls, where someone can detox and not have to use the jail to do so. I wish something like this was available a few years ago, but grateful the community has recognized there is a need in our community. So we want to help these individuals leaving there to know the community loves them, supports them, and start them off with a new bag with hygiene and they can start their day anew!

For more information,, 132 N Dakota Ave., Sioux Falls, SD; 605-275-1000.

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Kari Palmer