March 2023 – Glory House

A New Facilitator

Emily Iverson shared the importance of learning new skills with her hands after becoming sober. Emily was once a guest at the Glory House some 20+ years ago. On the day she facilitated the beading session, she was celebrating eight years of sobriety. Guests made bracelets, bookmarks, keychains, and necklaces. Thank you, Emily, and congratulations on your sobriety!



Meaningful Mandala with Mercedes

Mercedes Maltese, a local artist, former art teacher, and co-owner of the 605 Magic Art Bus facilitated fun art projects with the guests at the Glory House in March.

Mercedes taught us the calming techniques of creating a mandala while learning radial symmetry techniques.


The Path into a Sunset Watercolor

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Guests learned about special-effect watercolor and perspective techniques while painting a path into the sunset, representing our life path to brighter days.

Kari Palmer