May 2023 – Glory House

Finding Hope Through the Arts can be found in various art forms – painting, drawing, music, movement, etc.

In May, Terry Mashek shared his gift of music with the guests at the Glory House. Terry is one of the most humble, funny, smart guys you will ever meet. We gave Terry the stage name ‘Two-Wheeling Terry’ since he has ridden his bike every day to work since February 10, 2016, regardless of rain, snow, and the cold South Dakota winters. Terry has logged 37,089 miles since he started logging miles in 2009 and even rode his bike to the hospital to have heart surgery. Crazy? Maybe, but he is a gift and has a lot to share. Read more about Terry at the Tundra Man Workshop.

Music and art can have a healthy impact on your mental health says Ruth Riley of Music Connection.  Music is frequently used to influence the mood of the person listening, and it is effective because of the repetitive and rhythmic aspects of music that influence the neocortex of your brain. The neocortex helps to calm you down and lowers the likelihood of acting on impulse. Active music listening is very common as a means of interrupting negative moods and transitioning them toward a state of mind where you feel much better about yourself and your surroundings.

At the end of May, Hector Curriel did cartooning with the guests at the Glory House and youth at the Juvenile Detention Center. Hector Curriel is a professional artist born in Lima, Peru, who now calls Sioux Falls home.  As a watercolor expert, cartoonist, and book illustrator, Hector offered students the opportunity to learn and practice in these areas.

We had a fun afternoon courtesy of Journey of Hope! Hector Curriel of HC-Artworks came to the Glory House to teach class on cartooning. And then he turned these two clients their own cartoon! 

It’s so, so good to try out something new! You never know what talents you might find within yourself.


Any way you can find to release stress will contribute to better mental health, and pursuing the arts or music is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

We are grateful we are able to bring musicians and artists to the guests at the Glory House. Thank you to Sioux Falls Community Foundation, South Dakota Community Foundation, and Thrivent Twice Blessed Fund for making this a possibility.

Kari Palmer