Why the name Journey of Hope

Over the next couple of months, we’ll answer the Wednesday Wonder questions about Journey of Hope.

To begin, let’s answer the basics – how did we come up with the name: Journey of Hope”

We all have been given a journey of different experiences and destinations—all uniquely made. It can be difficult to understand why some people’s stories have more or fewer moments of “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” While these life experiences can shape who we are, they do not necessarily define us. Through time and intentional healing, our life experiences can transform into something beautiful and powerful — a gift of wisdom and empathy to help someone else on their journey. We want others to know they can rewrite their story of hope, joy, and love. Ultimately, life here on earth will be ok, maybe not how we envisioned it, but we will find there is light through the darkness. This is the “hope” that comes in our organization’s name. 

Our hope was that our son, Sven, would find the right medication and attend therapy and support groups consistently. We hoped that one day, eventually, he could tell his story to let others know there is hope and you can overcome addiction and manage your mental health. After Sven died, I learned from others how he shared hope through music with others in the shelters, at behavioral health hospitals and at treatment centers. As a parent, it is not how I envisioned Sven spreading Christ’s love to others. In the end, it taught us that we must extend hope to the lost and lonely in places we might never imagine. Hence the name: Journey of Hope.  

Will you join us in spreading hope to others wherever they are on their journey? Your life experience could change someone’s life or it could enhance your life more than you realize. Contact us if you would like to get involved.  

Next week, we share why Psalm 139 is significant to the Journey of Hope.

Kari Palmer