Why is Psalm 139 significant to us?

On the Journey of Hope draw-string bag are the words of a psalm.

Psalm 139:14, You are Beautiful, for you are, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…

So why is this important to us?

Our long-time pastor came to our home the evening Sven died, picked up our Bible and read the words of Psalm 139 to us. It brought us comfort in the time of despair knowing God was with Sven the entire time, from the time he entered my womb until his final breath. God knew everything about Sven, even on his darkest days, Sven could not hide from God. 

Then I learned a dear friend of Sven’s read the words to him in the hospital a week prior to his passing. I imagine his friend wanted Sven to know how beautiful he was and no matter what God would be with him. 

Finally, I found in my journal I had written a few years back about Psalm 139 to Sven. I prayed and prayed for Sven to be free of the darkness that invaded his mind and to realize he was beautifully made. 

It only seemed appropriate for these words to be added to the bag. Despite every trial we endure, every situation we encounter, God is with us and loves us wholeheartedly. We want people to know when they use the bag, it is not only used to hold stuff, but it is also a warm embrace from God and to remind them they are beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Kari Palmer

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