Why put socks in the bag?

Why is it important to provide socks in the Journey of Hope bags?

Simple – Everyone deserves to have a NEW pair of socks on their journey!

To offer more concrete evidence, putting on a clean pair of socks helps our mental well being as well as our overall health. Socks absorb moisture and also prevent rubbing, chaffing, and painful blisters. Wearing socks keeps feet dry and also prevents fungus and conditions like athlete’s foot but it can lead to more severe health concerns. Read more about foot conditions of not wearing a clean pair of socks and proper fitted shoes.

In a recent distribution, a man was elated to see socks were provided. I haven’t changed my socks in two weeks, he stated. No one should have to go without the basic necessities required for human dignity.

Do a sock drive at your school, church or business.

Kari Palmer